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Darwin Video

Recording and producing an emotional and artistic film requires patience, technique, creativity and a bloody good videographer.

But the real emotion and story comes from the actors within. I want to see your first smile, your first kiss, your first tear, when you see your partner standing there waiting. In that moment, you and your future husband or bride are what makes a good film, simply perfect.

We would rather be discrete, non obtrusive.
Creative and non directive.


Moving freely amongst your guests and friends to ensure your special moments are recorded, and yet remembered just as they should be, by you and your family… naturally.

We will be recording and producing your feature film, but the true creatives and film makers are you, the real life actors.

Modelling Showreel

Whether it be your Birthday, a Christening, your Anniversary or simply a day you want to remember forever, a documentary style showreel is something just that little extra special.

Combine this with our still photography, and you will stand out from the crowd, and be the envy of your friends.

From creation of the story and original footage, through to the editing and production, what we will create for you is a one off showreel that your modelling agency, parents or partner will simply love.

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