Christopher Knight Principal Photographer


A little about myself and my story...

Born and raised in Darwin since 1974, I have travelled Australia and a few parts of the world, but have always called Darwin home.

Since the age of 15, I have followed in the footsteps of my father Terry Knight in the field of photography. From travelling around Australia and the world, to working on mine sites in remote regions of the Outback, and climbing The Himilayas of Nepal, I caught the "Photography Bug" early and found my passion.

My father began the company back in the 60's, then known as Terry Knight and Associates. He ran a complete colour plus black and white film and printing darkroom and professional studio. We would develop our own films and produce traditional silver halide photographic prints in-house.

With the advent of digital, Terry Knight & Associates then expanded into digital production, with a suite of design computers, Imacon Flextight Drum Scanning, and also Publishing and Pre-Press Print Production utilising the complete Adobe Suite of publishing software.


In 2005, DigiFilm Australia Pty Ltd took on the primary role of Design, Publishing and Digital Photography. Full digital production was realised... and the rest is history.

My company, DigiFilm Australia Pty Ltd has a modern and fully equipped studio located at its main office in Palmerston, 20 minutes from Darwin's CBD. 

I am also a well versed educator with over 25 years experience in delivering my photographic and graphic design knowledge to fellow photographers and designers.

DigiFilm Australia offers the versatility of single and multiple photographers for your specific purposes, as well as in-house video production. On our team we also have an experienced 3D rendering and computer game Level Designer.


I offer Aerial and UAV photography and video, on-site same day image processing and delivery for events and a complete portable studio, which ensures a complete, no compromise service to all our clients.

If you also have a passion for the art of photography and like me, have an eye for detail and quality, or you simply have a question you want answered about your camera and workflow, don't hesitate to call or email me or send a message via my contact page. I'm always available to lend a hand.